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How to increase our immune system and immunity-boosting foods our lives

How to increase our immune system and immunity-boosting foods our lives

A person should drink one spoon of honey daily to increase his body's immune system, by drinking it daily, the disease runs away from the human body, because it contains vitamins B1, iron, calcium, phosphate sodium, magnesium

In the immune system, organisms, cells, tissues by the biological action in the body prevents the diseases of the body,
For this reason, the wounds of the human body also heal, it is called our immune system, white blood cells, organs, lymph tissue are also found in the immune system, which provides protection from infected diseases of our body. The upper and inner shell is also spoken, in which bone marrow, links, tonsils, thymus, vessels, spleen, etc. are found

How to increase the human immune system by drinking water in the morning

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of human, it is very important to have the element of saliva in the digestive process of human beings, so by drinking morning water, the saliva of man reaches the stomach, which contains many nutrients. These are found which are the lining of human beings, makes the action of the action very strong, which keeps the human body healthy and also strengthens the human immune system, so human hair becomes very dark and thick due to the strengthening of the human immune system. It also increases the eyesight of humans. Use of Ranger cures anemia or anemia,

Coconut Water– Coconut water strengthens the immune system of man, excessive insects, mosquito bites in the summer makes people more susceptible to dengue, malaria, fever, etc., coconut contains vitamin C, iron, magnesium, Nutrients are found in vitamin B6, potassium, fiber, etc., which provide energy in the body, relieves tiredness, reduces blood pressure, cures heart disease and reduces cholesterol. Coconut water is very beneficial for people who have a burning sensation in urine, etc. NREGA water increases calcium in the body and strengthens bones of the body,

Coconut water

Morning exercise, walking, yoga, meditation, vipassana increase the immunity of the human body-


In the morning, by doing human yoga, exercise, meditation, meditation, the unit system of man is very strong,
Because morning is a pollution-free, extremely quiet time, doing daily yoga, exercise, meditation, vipassana in the morning is even more serious than viral and bacterial infections caused by human diseases like Kesari, morning exercise can help in human digestion. Strengthens the human body.


By constant exercise, the metabolism of the human body decreases, due to which the human body becomes very energetic, due to which the blood flow of the human being remains very good,


Due to which disease of the human body occurs. Immunity increases, the skin gets good sleep by continuous use, due to good sleep, the human immune system is strong,
Meditation Vipassana calms the mind of man by which the vaginal purification activity of the human body remains strong, doing Meditation Vipasana also removes the tension of the human body due to which their blood flow is maintained,

How to increase the human immune system by drinking –
A person should drink one spoon of honey daily to increase his body’s immune system, by drinking it daily, the disease runs away from the human body, because it contains vitamins B1, iron, calcium, phosphate sodium, magnesium, chlorine, etc. There are elements. are found, children, teens and old people can use it,

Orange juice can also increase the strength of our immune system, in which sufficient amount of vitamin C is found which increases immunity, vitamin A vitamins, potassium, etc. are found in the orange, orange juice is immune to humans When strengthening the system, this WBC provides the ability of white blood cells WBC to persist in an excessive amount, which relieves minor diseases such as cough, cold, fever, etc.

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Continuous use of turmeric milk increases the chemical properties in the body, which makes the digestion of humans extremely strong, the use of these two strengthens the human immune system and digestive system, it removes the toxins from the blood, It also reduces chemotherapy, it is also believed to be able to fight against diseases like cancer,



Capsicum is used mainly in salads, pickles, vegetables, as well as main vitamin C antioxidant nutrients that are also found in it, it does not increase the human body’s cholesterol, it also strengthens the immune system. which makes the human immune system strong


Broccoli contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E along with fiber and other mineral elements, it strengthens human purification system, which makes the human immune system strong, mainly salads and vegetables, food. It is also used as

Garlic –

Garlic is commonly used as spices, flour, vegetable,
The major benefits of garlic are as a vegetable that eliminates the bad germs in the stomach, it also reduces the cholesterol of the human body, it also reduces the cholesterol of the human body, making it useful for diseases of heart diseases. Proves, antibacterial ingredients are also found in it, which reduces man’s pain and also maintains the balance of male and female hormones, garlic is warm, due to which it is found very useful in cough cold fever. Is when the human body becomes stronger by its continuous use,


Many nutrients like iron iodine vitamins and calories are found inside ginger, due to which it also reduces the cholesterol in humans, it contains antiviral elements which makes the human body’s immune system strong. Due to this, it is found to be able to fight diseases like cough, cold, fever, etc., the digestive system of the human body is also strengthened by the use of ginger, it reduces the acidity of the stomach of the human body, which reduces stomach irritation. which increases the body’s resistance,


Consuming almonds helps a person to cure diseases like cough, cold, etc. Vitamin E is found in plenty of vitamin C in almonds, which keeps the human skin and hair good, anti-oxidants are found in it. , So that the human immune system remains good, the skin of the human body remains good by the use of almonds,

Green Tea

Green tea has abundant antioxidant elements, which makes the human immune system strong, it is very effective in diseases like human cough, cold, etc. Green tea contains a very good amount of amino acids L – Theanine is found in L-Theanine, helps in fighting germs in the body cells, it is very beneficial for heart patients, it also reduces metabolism, it gives peace to the body, it hepatitis Due to which it is able to fight with or increases the strength of the brain, it also reduces blood sugar, due to which its use strengthens the immune system.


Papaya is used as a fruit and vegetable when it is raw, it is counted in the fruit itself, in which the amount of vitamin C is found in abundance, eating the papaya makes the digestive system of a man strong. Because papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain, which has anti-inflammatory effects which are also found useful for the digestive system, papaya contains a good amount of potassium, magnesium, and folate, due to which human body The resistance mechanism becomes stronger,

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit contains potassium, folate, vitamin k, vitamin C, etc. Nutrients have been found to contain vitamin C in white blood cells (WBC) used to fight infectious diseases and other nutrients in humans. To increase the immunity of the body, folic acid and fiber are also found in abundance in the fruit called kiwi, using it strengthens immunity to fight infected diseases, cold, cold, fever, etc., because it contains polyphenols and carotenoids. Elements are also found,


Vitamin B is found in a high amount of mass. Meat fulfills the lack of blood, provides physical growth, which incr22eases human immunity by eating, it also makes the bones of human strength, it is anemia. Or it also cures diseases like anemia, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, vitamin C, vitamin K, chlorine, protein, etc. nutrients are found in it, these nutrients can be used to treat anemia or anemia. Also, protein content is found in abundance in it, which makes the human body healthy and strong, it also reduces heart disease, which makes the human immune system strong,

Reducing the use of sugar or sugar also strengthens the immune system –

Due to the excessive amount of refined carbs in sugar, sweeteners, sugar, etc., they provide more weight and fat to the human body, due to excessive weight and obesity, it gives rise to many diseases, due to which the human immune system becomes. Weak, due to which diseases like flu, cough, cold fever are likely to increase, reducing sugar or sweet food can also prevent these diseases, eating less sugar can cause diabetes. , Heart diseases can be avoided, and humans can strengthen their immune systems,

Benefits of good sleep on the human immune system-

Due to getting good sleep, the human body remains healthy, the human mind keeps peace and tension away in the body, and man gets at least 6 to 9 hours. It is considered necessary to sleep; The immune system of a person who is getting good sleep is found to be very strong, by taking good sleep, the immune system of the human body is strengthened, and it is thick, due to which, any problem in the birth of a human being. There is no, due to this human hormones remain good and it also gives more energy in the body, so that humans can work comfortably throughout the day, due to these reasons, the human immune system remains strong.


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