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what is the reservation ? how many country have reservation in the world ?

There was a conference in 1932 called the Round Table. It was agreed that on what basis should there be reservation. In this conference, it was decided that a list of people who are socially, economically and educationally backward should be prepared and based on this list, some provision should be made for them so that they are brought into the mainstream of society. So that all the people of the country can join the same life stream,

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In the same way, there are many more.

After this practice it was placed in the constitution. Later this list was named Scheduled Tribes. After some time another new list was added to this list, which was named Extremely Backward Class.

The basic meaning of reservation is representation. Reservation can never be a means to fill the stomach, but reservation should be given an opportunity to represent such a society which is being crushed under the society. However, when it was built, it was passed for 10 years and at that time the purpose of implementing it was that the people of the society who are neglected should also get a chance to represent them, reservations are not poverty alleviation programs. Reservation is the right of the exploited, deprived and poor, so that they can lead a common life.

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How many countries have reservations in the world? , how many countries have reservations in the world?
1- Under affirmative action reservation to black black people in America, there are reservations for black, black people in Hollywood, police, army, judiciary etc. who can join the normal life stream like the people there,
Black, black, black and white Negroes, who have been tortured for 100 years like animals held in iron chains in the US markets, reached White House with this affirmative action reservation,
From President Barack Obama to black, black woman Ophra Winfrey is also king in the media, Hollywood is occupied by actors like Will Smith, Negro 30% of black people under Affirmative Action Reservation in US, 40% Police 32% in Army Representation is in the United States,
Under the affirmative action reservation it provides employment equality and fair representation in education to blacks, Hispanic and American Indians (native tribals), further the policy also applies to the private sector where the US government suggests that “when a private company If the federal government sells more than $ 50,000 in products or services and employs at least 50 workers, it must do so under a written affirmative action plan or AAP plan. “
Preventive Measures or Prevention Measures: In the US, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person’s color, creed, religion or place of birth,
Indian-American woman Inda Nui PepsiCo is the company’s CEO and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also become CEO of Google due to affirmative action reservation of black, black,

Reservations in Brazil are known as vestibulars,
3- Canada has the same employment element under which it benefits the unusual and minorities of India, Sikhs of India are the prime example of this, Indians Canadians (Canadians), some seats for women and people with physical disabilities in public sector and college. Are reserved. Whereas the allocation of seats ranges from 6% to 45% in various departments and this further changes state by state.
Atrocities Act: To prevent atrocities, the government or the constitution of them is also represented in land, forest and other natural resources.
4- There is more reservation for women and elemental minorities in China,
Aboriginal and some ethnic communities and minorities comprising 8% of the total public population are provided waiver requirements in public sector jobs and educational institutions.
Tribals and ethnic minorities are also exempted from certain central policies such as exemption from child policy and tax etc.
5- Reservation is for Swedish people in Finland,
6- Germanium system is a reservation,
7-Macedonia has reservations for Albanian,
8-There is a reservation for people in Malaysia,
9- Mauritius in New Zealand is a reservation of affirmative action for Fiji and Polynesians.
10-Norwegian PCL Board has 40% women reservation,
11-Reservation is for Romanians who are victims of exploitation in Romania,
12 – Employment parity in South Africa is equal employment reservation to black pride, there are more than 4 black players in the cricket team also get representation in 11 member team due to reservation or affirmative action reservation,
13- South Korea has separate reservations for North Korea and Chinese people,
14- Sehli majority is reservation in Sri Lanka under different rules for Tamil and Christian people.
15- Sweden general affirmative action gives the people there a reservation,
16- In Japanese government jobs, the Japanese government is the first to give first preference to the deprived Buramukins and Koreans, and the government suggests that at least 5% of the Buramukins and ethnic minorities be given to private companies, which have more than 500 employees. And the government provides personal loans, free education at a low rate in any school or college, and also relieves some taxes.

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